NANAKO is a wholesale supplier of world class and award-winning natural products.

Our award-winning natural products include:

Natural Raw Honey. A great selection of 100% Natural Pure Raw Honey varieties such as Mountain, Forest, Lavender, Rosemary, Orange Blossom, Thyme, Rosemary as well as the outstanding Heather (the “Rolls Royce  of honey”), one of the very best honey varieties in the world. Other bee products such as Bee Propolis, Pollen, Fresh Royal Jelly and the incredible Bee Bread are also available.

High Altitude Wine. A wide range of world class, uniquely different High Altitude Mediterranean wine. Spain is the #1 wine exporter globally and our winery ranks amongst the top 100 in the world as well as having an IFS A+ quality classification (achieved by very few).

Natural Organic Skin Care & Cosmetics. 20 years of focussing on nature and the environment is behind this  handcrafted range of products with organic certification. Made only from totally natural ingredients and essential oils (all first cold pressed), this is exactly what the skin needs to remain healthy, glowing, vibrant and youthful – naturally!

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). The health and medical benefits of EVOO are unrivalled. Our monovarietals include Arbequina, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca and Picual as well as blends.

Patented Ozonated Oil. These Ozonated Oil products are unique providing powerful antiseptic, healing, regenerating and antioxidant properties. They have a wide range of peroxide values (PV) of 50 – 1,500 mEqO2/kg with uses in cosmetics, sikincare, health, medical, disinfectant, food, pharma and and animals.


And, of course, our products:

– have won hundreds of international awards and recognitions,

quite a few have European Union PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) registration,

have appropriate EU Quality Certifications and, of course,

– have full Product Traceability.

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