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Both our manufacturing process and our products are PATENTED.  Our unique Ozonated Oil products provide  powerful antiseptic, healing, regenerating and antioxidant properties. They have a range of peroxide values (PV) of 50 – 1,500 mEqO2/kg. Each specific application and use has an optimum peroxide value and properties that will ensure the best results.

For an overview of Ozonated Oils, see: What is Ozonated Oil?


We produce a wide range of PATENTED, very high quality and unique Ozonated Oil products using our PATENTED manufacturing process. For an overview of Ozonated Oils, see: What is Ozonated Oil?

The critical manufacturing process variables are very carefully controlled guaranteeing a very consistent product as well as exceptional and unique product properties, significantly better than other products on the market.

Some of the oils we use are olive oil (Olea europaea) and sunflower seed oil (Helianthus annuus) as well as others such as jojoba or macadamia depending on the desired final product properties.

Due to our patented manufacturing process our product is lighter, more stable and penetrates the skin with much greater ease than the vast majority of other Ozonated Oils. Additionally, structural analysis of our Ozonated Oil confirms the presence molecules such as triolefins and azaleic acid, which are not present in other ozonated oils.

Our Ozonated Oil products are unique providing powerful antiseptic, healing, regenerating and antioxidant properties. They have a range of peroxide values (PV) of 50 – 1,500 mEqO2/kg. Each specific application and use has an optimum peroxide value that will ensure the best results.

Our products are not tested on animals, they are of vegetable and organic origin and the ingredients come from organic farming certified by the Consello Regulador da Agricultura Ecolóxica de Galicia. They meet Halal and Star-K Kosher standards.


Most commercial production processes used to produce ozonated oil operate at temperatures above 60ºC, denaturing the oil. Typically steel diffusers and other materials are used in the tank and are in contact with the oil, which generate harmful compounds. Each batch has a different molecular structure since the diffusion is not uniform and oil in different areas of the tank ozonize at different rates. In addition, the diffusion rate is generally not controlled at all times. Our patented technology utilizes an automatic diffusion control that adjusts the critical parameters all throughout the ozonation process.

For example, at the beginning there are many double bonds that need to be broken. However over time the diffusion rate and the process must be adjusted so as not to “spoil” the batch and generate volatile molecules.


We have several offerings:

  • Standard Ozonated Oil. We have a standard product line offering using different oils such as extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil with different PV values.
  • Customized Ozonated Oil. Specific products can be developed based on the customer’s requirements. We provide our expertise and knowhow in Ozonated Oil to optimize the final product properties to suit the target market needs.
  • Semi-finished Products. We prepare formulations for many different applications with Ozonated Oil as the main active ingredient. They are provided in several different forms: emulsion (liquid), microencapsulated powder, softgel capsules, sachets or other forms as requested by the customer. The customer then prepares the final packaging.
  • Finished Products. These are semi-finished products already packaged as per the customer´s requirements and ready to sell.


Our Ozonated Oil is obtained through the controlled diffusion of filtered ozone gas over top quality organic oil. We do it in a controlled, stable environment of temperature (at 9ºC), pressure, relative humidity and diffusion rate. The low temperature used guarantees the quality and consistency of the Ozonated Oil both from batch to batch as well as within each batch.

We use only organic raw materials (olive oil, sunflower seed oil or other oils) in our ozone hyperoxidation process. Both the production process as well as the Ozonated Oil produced (also referred to as: peroxidized oil, ozone oil or ozonized oil) are patented and very unique.

Thanks to this patented and proprietary production process and techniques, we can control the presence and strength of different substances and molecules in our Ozonated Oil so as to optimize the final product properties.

For example, we obtain high values ​​of azaleic acid and a derived aldehyde of azaleic acid as ozonolysis products of oleic acid as well as many products derived from the ozonolysis of triolefins. These organic molecules are unique in our Ozonated Oil and provide it with outstanding antiseptic, healing, regenerating and antioxidant properties.


Our Ozonated Oil has extremely interesting properties that are very difficult to find in one single product. The key properties include:

  • Bactericide1 – The most resistant bacteria cannot withstand the breakdown of their cellular osmosis and die.
  • Fungicide2 – Through the destabilization of their lipid membrane, fungal cells die.
  • Viricide3 – Destabilization of the proteins or structural and transport lipids of the virus.
  • Healing4 – Cells get the oxygen they need to make ATP and recover.
  • Antioxidant5 – Free radicals are stabilized and H2O2 activates antioxidant enzymatic pathways.
  • Bacterial flora6 – Invasive bacteria die, the flora itself has genetic and innate recovery capacity.

It is, of course, totally safe7 as its use is scientifically and medically proven. It has been used since the 1800s.


Due to its properties, Ozonated Oil is used as a key active ingredient in a number of different applications:

  • Cosmetics
    • Beauty care
    • Facial / Skin care
  • Pharmaceutical / medical
    • Skin and mucosa pathologies
    • Gastric pathologies
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Health care
    • Therapeutic products
  • Disinfectant – surface disinfectants, skin antiseptics
  • Food applications
  • Veterinary

Our customers have created exceptional product lines in a number of different markets. Find out how!


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