What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Olive oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea, family Oleaceae), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean region. Whole olives are pressed to produce this distinctive oil. Wild olives were collected by Neolithic peoples as early as 8,000 BC. Olive trees were first domesticated in Asia Minor in 6,000 BC

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What is Raw Honey?

Honey is a natural sweet substance produced by different species of bees from the nectar of flowering plants. It is one of the most valued natural products introduced to humankind since ancient times, going back thousands of years. In its natural pure raw unprocessed state, it offers many health benefits and medical benefits. Standard natural

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Reduce premature skin aging and regenerate damaged skin with Skincare Ozonated Cosmetics

A study confirmed the significant anti-aging effects of Ozonated Olive Oil used in Skincare Ozonated Cosmetics, demonstrating improvements in collagen and elastin production. It resulted in an improvement in the ability of the skin to avoid the effects of skin aging and increasing the skin´s strength and elastic properties by increasing the collagen and elastin

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Savoring Elegance: The Culinary Delight of Spherified Honey Pearls

Introducing an innovative culinary experience from one of Spain and Europe’s most creative beekeepers: Spherified Honey Pearls. This creation is just one of many innovations within the family’s long tradition of beekeeping. What is Spherification? Spherification, a culinary technique that employs sodium alginate along with either calcium chloride or calcium gluconate lactate, is used to

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Breakthrough: Odourless Ozonated Oil

Through a breakthrough deodorization process we have obtained Ozonated Oil with: We have improved our formulations, with the main goal of providing our customers with a product which has a far wider application spectrum in the cosmetics market. The results are confirmed: after the deodorization process has been applied our Ozonated Oils have 40% less odour while maintaining

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What is the Most Effective Weight Loss Diet Over the long Term?

We spend our lives looking for solutions when, quite often, we have the answer right under our own noses. Something as simple as eating! We are fascinated and blinded by “wellness”, “weight loss magic” or the latest miracle diet of the month pushed by self-proclaimed gurus or clever marketing companies. The hooks are invariably the

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