What New Brands Provide for Distributors: Competitive Advantage and Growth

In the ever changing world of distribution, the decision to add new brands to one’s portfolio is not merely a choice, but a strategic move with implications for market positioning, growth potential, and competitive advantage. In an era where consumer preferences evolve rapidly and market saturation is a constant challenge, distributors face the challenge of

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This Is How Ozonated Olive Oil Is Used In Cosmetics

Ozonated olive oil has numerous benefits and uses in cosmetics, making it a versatile and powerful skincare ingredient. This oil is created by using ozone-oxygen gas to transform the liquid olive oil into a solid paste. Ozonated olive oil is renowned for its many positive effects on the skin, such as soothing and healing dry

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Types of Honey

With so many different honey types in the market it is difficult to distinguish between them and how the different types influence the quality. There are basically two ways of classifying the different types of honey: by processing and by floral source. Types of honey by processing One of the most important ways of classifying

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Cornicabra Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Packing a Powerful Health Punch

Cornicabra olive oil is a variety of olive native to Mora de Toledo (Castilla La Mancha, Spain), and its cultivation area is spread mainly through the Tagus river valley (Madrid, Toledo, Cáceres) and also extensive areas between Badajoz and Ciudad Real. It is the second Spanish olive variety in terms of cultivated area, with some

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a8 Spanish way of life

Spain´s Mediterranean Diet

Everyone, it seems, is raging about the Mediterranean Diet. Headlines constantly praise it for lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, depression, Parkinson’s,  Alzheimer’s, inflammatory diseases and dementia – not to mention its fame as a way to lose weight. In Spain, the Mediterranean Diet is not a thing of scientific journals or weight loss websites, it is just…

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