food fraud

Understanding Food Adulteration

Introduction Food adulteration is as old as commerce itself. However, modern food supply chains have significantly increased opportunities for it to occur. Adulteration is a legal term meaning that a food product fails to meet the legal regulatory standards. However, food adulteration (or food fraud) does not have a universally accepted definition. The European Union

Organic food

Organic vs Conventional Food

Organic food is enjoying a healthy and beneficial rise in popularity. Consumers like and demand more organic products. For example in the US, according to the Food Marketing Institute, more than half of Americans now buy organic food at least once a month. The practices used by organic farmers tend to build healthy soils, recycle

Types of honey

With so many different honey types in the market it is difficult to distinguish between them and how the different types influence the quality. There are basically two ways of classifying the different types of honey: by processing and by floral source. Types of honey by processing One of the most important ways of classifying

a8 Spanish way of life

Spain´s Mediterranean diet

Everyone, it seems, is raging about the Mediterranean Diet. Headlines constantly praise it for lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, depression, Parkinson’s,  Alzheimer’s, inflammatory diseases and dementia – not to mention its fame as a way to lose weight. In Spain, the Mediterranean Diet is not a thing of scientific journals or weight loss websites, it is just…

Raw Honey vs Regular Honey: What´s The Difference?

Like with all foods, there are quite a few differences. The most significant difference by far between the different types of honey is the way it is processed. The reason why there are differences is because consumers have different demands. Most consumers want a perfect colour, clarity, taste and consistency every time they buy a


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