Choosing The Right Unique Ozonated Oils

Choosing the right Ozonated Oil depends on what you plan to use it for. Ozonated Oils are commonly used for skin conditions, dental health, personal hygiene and general wellness.

The strength of Ozonated Oil is measured by the amount of peroxide (H2O2) in the product, the Peroxide Value (PV). PV represents the amount of peroxides expressed in milliequivalents of Activated Oxygen contained in 1 kg of product (mEqO2/kg).  Following the guidelines of the International Scientific Committee on Ozone Therapy (ISCO3) which is the international independent scientific medical body for ozone therapy, there are three levels of PV that are recommended:

  • Low PV level (200-400 PV) which has a higher skin regeneration capacity and skin healing
  • Medium PV level (400-800 PV) which has a stronger antiseptic properties and promotes cell growth
  • High PV level (800-1200 PV) which has higher anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
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The three levels of Ozonated Oils

Of the three Ozonated Oil PV levels defined by ISCO3 useful for different therapeutic effects, we offer one for each level, namely:

  • Low, 400 PV – A low peroxide value has excellent regenerative properties because it has greater healing activity with enhanced action to induce the synthesis of Growth Factors and accelerate the cell cycle.
  • Medium, 600 PV – An intermediate peroxide value has an antiseptic action and promotes cell cycle-enabling tissue proliferation in a hyper oxygenated environment.
  • High, 1200 PV – A high peroxide value has higher antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties because of the greater release of peroxides and antiseptic action.

Generally speaking, as the PV level increases the Ozonated Oil´s antimicrobial and antiseptic properties increase. As the PV level decreases the skin regeneration capacity increases.

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The applications / uses for each of the three levels of Ozonated Oil

Here´s a list of specific applications / uses for the three different levels:

Low PV level Ozonated Oil is suitable for:

  • Postoperative oral administration
  • Diseases of the intestinal tract such as Helicobacter pylori
  • In facial and skin revitalization such as Rosacea
  • Acne and granulation stimulation
  • Cicatrization or scar formation
  • Trophic ulcers
  • Burns with granulation
  • Regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes

Medium PV level Ozonated Oil is suitable for:

  • Application on the vaginal mucosa (vulvovaginitis)
  • Rectal mucosa (hemorrhoids)
  • Nasal mucus
  • Epithelial trophic ulcers
  • Skin and scalp care
  • Burns with granulation

High PV level Ozonated Oil is suitable for

  • Application on wounds and ulcers with infection (severe)
  • Gingivitis
  • Dry socket (Alveolar osteitis)
  • Herpes simplex
  • Herpes zoster
  • Fungi (various)

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