Cosmic eye: an amazing journey through our universe

Sometimes we need to be reminded of our place in the world and the universe. How incredibly fortunate we are to be alive in such a vast space where we seem to be the only planet with living beings.

This video illustrates the scaled size of our universe from minuscule elementary particles to the entirety of the observable universe.

In October of 2016, NASA conducted another deep field survey with Hubble and found that the already unfathomably large observable universe actually has…. about 10x more galaxies than we originally thought, putting the new estimated total at around 2 trillion galaxies. That means that there are more galaxies in our viewable universe than there are stars in our own galaxy, by a large margin.

And remember, this is all just the parts of the universe we can see!

Much of it is obscured behind a cosmic horizon where the light cannot reach us. Truly astounding!

It is a truly humbling experience and a reminder of how lucky we really are to actually be a part of it.


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