The innovative and unique Keyoxygen® Ozone Cosmetic and other Products  based on cutting edge biotechnology has been launched. The response to the initial products released in Spain has exceeded expectations, propelling the company to strategically expand into other European markets through local distributors.

Keyoxygen® presents a paradigm shift in skincare for professionals as well as consumers. The product line’s foundation is exceptional Ozonated Oil crafted through a proprietary and patented process and creating a unique synergy with other natural, powerful active ingredients.

Seeking Distributors Across Europe

Nanako is actively seeking Keyoxygen® distributors in European countries. Skincare, medical and healthcare distributors specializing in skincare products, natural cosmetics, anti-aging products, dietary supplements or related products are encouraged to explore this unique opportunity to expand and complement their existing offerings.

Exceptional Ozonated Oil and Its Unique Properties

Pivotal to the Keyoxygen® Product Lines is the innovative patented process of ozonation, infusing Ozonated Oil with ozone to create high-quality skincare products. Ozonated Oil offers a number of benefits such as:

    • It contains triolein, a natural skin compound

    • It contains natural azelaic acid, revitalizes the skin

    • Minimal product degradation due to low temperature production process

    • Exceptional product stability with the absence of volatile ozonides

    • Very consistent properties batch to batch due to precise control over production parameters

    • Increases levels of elastin and collagen in the skin – see study.  

Keyoxygen® Ozone Cosmetics and other Products: A Holistic Skincare and Well-being Revolution

Keyoxygen® Ozone Cosmetics and other Products provide a comprehensive skincare solution in a single product which is quite unique. They help skin hydration and regeneration while improved skin elasticity, softness and firmness. These cosmetics are gentle yet effective while suitable for any skin type.

Below are some of the released Keyoxygen® Products.

Night Repair Cream

This is an ideal cream for night time skincare with a lightweight texture suitable for all skin types, including atopic skin. It absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy finish.

Keyoxygen® Night Repair Cream is based on an innovative formulation which combines Ozonated Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Hyaluronic Acid which offer an excellent protection against premature aging.

Dermatologically tested, it has excellent antioxidant properties and also increases elastin and collagen levels restoring skin elasticity in just 10 days. It deeply hydrates the skin providing elasticity, firmness and fills wrinkles.

Product features:

    • Active ingredients: Ozonized Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Hyaluronic Acid

    • Repairs – Revitalizes – Nourishes – Moisturizes

    • Dermatologically tested, restoring skin elasticity in just 10 days

    • Vegan, hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types

    • Ideal cream for overnight skin conditioning, with a light texture, designed for all skin types, including atopic. Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy finish.

Repair Oil

Keyoxygen® Repair Oil is ideal for skin conditioning with a dry and easily absorbed texture, designed for all skin types. It nourishes, repairs, moisturizes and delivers a flash effect, which allows the oil to be absorbed very rapidly while deeply hydrating the skin. The oil hydrates the skin without greasiness thanks to the dry oil texture deeply nourishing.

Product features:

    • Active ingredients: Ozonized Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Calendula, Jojoba, and Rosehip Oils

    • Nourishes – Repairs – Moisturizes – Flash effect

    • Antioxidant properties

    • Dermatologically tested, restoring skin elasticity in just 10 days

    • Vegan, hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types

    • Ideal for skin conditioning, with a dry and easily absorbed texture, designed for all skin types. It exerts a Flash effect, minimizing the harmful effects of lack of sleep and premature aging, lack of luminosity or loss of skin firmness. Moisturizes the skin without greasing, thanks to the dry oil texture, repairing imperfections and nourishing in depth, increasing the skin’s energy and improving its appearance.


K-Butyrate is a probiotic nutritional food supplement which contains Butyrate and Vitamins A, D and E. Butyrate is the main source of energy for the cells of our intestinal barrier. It is an organic acid that is produced naturally through a microbial fermentation of dietary fibres in the lower intestinal tract. It is a bioactive lipid, which can be produced by the action of the intestinal microbiota and can also be found in some foods (mainly in dairy fat) although in small quantities.

We have developed an innovative formula to add Butyrate to our diet in a simple way without any components of animal origin, without lactose or other allergens. There is a synergy between microbiota, the intestine and the immune system which is helped by this formulation which optimizes the interaction between Butyrate  and these three Vitamins.

Product features:

    • Contains: Butyrate, Vitamin A, Vitamin D & Vitamin E

    • New generation probiotic served in vegan capsules

    • Without lactose or gluten

Keyoxygen® Product Lines

Here is the list of the complete Keyoxygen® Product Lines both currently available and to be launched in the near future:

Natual Cosmetics Product Line:

    • Keyoxygen® Night Repair Cream 50 ml

    • Keyoxygen® Repair Oil 30 ml

    • Keyoxygen® Care & Repair Ozonated Oil 800 PV 10ml & 100 ml

    • Keyoxygen® Repair Soap Bar 100 g

    • Keyoxygen® Repair Liquid Soap 500 ml
    • Keyoxygen® Pulling Solution 250 ml

Sports Product Line:

    • Keyoxygen® Sport Massage Oil 500 ml

    • Keyoxygen® Sport Spray Oil 100 ml

Natural Food Supplements Product Line:

    • Keyoxygen® Stomach 120 caps

    • Keyoxygen®  Immune  90 caps

    • Keyoxygen® Colon

    • Keyoxygen® Butyrate 90 & 120 caps


Nanako affirms that our natural cosmetics and dietary supplements are intended for general wellness. No product should be used as a substitute for a balanced diet, nor considered an alternative to a medical prescription or treatment. Individual results may vary, and it is advisable to consult with a health professional, doctor, nutritionist or naturopath.

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