Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics: Effective, Safer and Eco-friendly

Natural  skin care products use topical creams and lotions made of ingredients available in nature. They serve to beautify and care for the human body by means of natural ingredients. This is made possible with natural raw materials, friendly to both the skin and the environment. As a opposed to regular or synthetic cosmetics, they do not contain any artificial preservatives, fragrances, colorants, etc. 

Natural skin care products stimulate and support our natural skin functions, rather than supplanting physiological processes. These products offer gentle, wholesome care and are thus an important aid to the health of the skin at any age. Natural skin care products revitalize and harmonize body, soul and spirit.

They have become a major trend in recent years. There is a growing awareness that we are responsible for the world in which we live, and an increasing concern for our own health. We appreciate the delicate balance of the natural world and strive to maintain this harmony by using environmentally-friendly products that are both nurturing and as harmless as possible to the Earth.

A recent survey showed that the top reasons for consumers to buy natural cosmetics are that they don’t contain chemicals, are gentler on the skin, are ecologically friendly and cruelty free.

A holistic health and well-being approach

To ensure that not just our skin but our whole body, soul and spirit are revitalized and in harmony, we should take a holistic approach to our health and well-being. We should include:

  • A Mediterranean Diet, home cooked, including fresh fruit & vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products and cereals
  • Ensure Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an important part of our diet
  • Regular exercise – “sound mind in a sound body”
  • Adequate rest & sleep
  • Feed your mind & spirit
  • Regular social interaction and personal relationships
  • Keep a positive mindset – use the power of positive thinking to stay optimist, believe in yourself and enjoy the journey of life

Typical ingredients

Some of the ingredients from nature used in natural skin care & cosmetics are outlined below.

Olive oil

Olive oil (typically Extra Virgin or Virgin Olive Oil) has been used as a home skincare remedy for centuries. Egyptians used it alongside beeswax as a cleanser, moisturizer, and antibacterial agent since pharaonic times. In ancient Greece, olive oil was used during massage, to prevent sports injuries and relieve muscle fatigue. In 2000, Japan was the top importer of olive oil in Asia consumers there believe both the ingestion and topical application of olive oil to be good for skin and health.


Bee’s honey is one of the most valued and appreciated natural substances known to mankind since ancient times. Highly popular in cosmetic treatment, bee’s honey is used in preparing facial washes, skin moisturizers, hair conditioners and in treatment of pimples. Bee’s honey could be considered as one of the finest products of nature that has a wide range of beneficial uses. It helps to keep the right level of hydration, keeping the skin smooth, elastic and super fresh. It is used as  a skin moisturizer, a humectant, an antibacterial, and a flavoring agent.


A natural sunscreen booster. Hyaluronic acid (with high molecular weight) forms a thin transparent viscoelastic film helping to preserve the characteristics of youthful and healthy skin, suppleness, elasticity and tone.

Natural cosmetics revitalize and harmonize the body, soul and spirit


Royal jelly



Bees wax


Bees venom

Scientific studies have shown that bee-venom serum treatment clinically improved facial wrinkles by decreasing total wrinkle area, total wrinkle count, and average wrinkle depth. Therefore, bee-venom serum may be effective for the improvement of skin wrinkles.






White dead-nettle




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