Cornicabra Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

MEDIUM flavour & aromaThe single varietal Cornicabra EVOO truly deserves its black label as has the highest content of the key active ingredients such as polyphenols and is also highly valued for its health and medical benefits. Its balanced composition and stability along with its excellent aromas and flavours make it especially suitable for many culinary and dietary purposes.

Cornicabra is the second Spanish largest variety in terms of cultivated area. It is mainly found in the provinces of Toledo, Ciudad Real and Madrid, but it can also be found in the provinces of Caceres and Badajoz. Its name originates from the curved shape of the fruit, which is reminiscent of a goat horn.

Its extra virgin olive oil is highly aromatic, with hints of fruity olive as well as other fruits such as apple. Herbal olive leaf notes can be appreciated on the palate, with a slightly bitter taste.

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The Cornicabra variety is a fruity and aromatic oil, showing average values ​​of bitter and spicy. The appearance of different flavors and textures of exotic fruits such as avocado is characteristic when they are obtained from more mature olives, at the end of the harvest. Cornicabra oils present a remarkable balance between sweet on entry, bitter with green leaves and spicy of medium intensity. They are stable oils due to their high content of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and polyphenols.

Harvest: From mid October to end November
Production: Mechanically cold pressed
Varieties: Cornicabra 100%
Source: Spain

Organoleptic and sensory analysis

Colour/Appearance: Visually, the colour of the oil is deep green, unfiltered.

Aroma/Bouquet: On the nose it is ripe and intensely fruity. Apple and almond aromas stand out along with other sweet and ripe fruits.

Flavour/Taste: It has an organoleptic profile and a pleasant mid palate that together with a moderate intensity spicy and bitter flavour provide a remarkable balance to this oil.

Pairing:  Finding the oil that best matches a salad or a fish dish gives it a touch of excellence.That is why the Cornicabra variety, is highly recommended to be served on dishes as diverse as roasts such as lamb and kid or strongly flavoured fish such as cod or salmon. Preparations with chocolate become more appetizing and healthy with a hint of Cornicabra. Being very stable and resistant, it is very good for frying as well as it can be reused.

Cornicabra Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the one with the highest content of polyphenols, this together with its high percentage of oleic acid and Vitamin E makes it very rich in antioxidants which help prevent cell aging and also the formation of cancer cells. This makes Cornicabra one of the varieties with the most beneficial health properties. It is a healthy product that contains omega 3, helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL), to prevent cardiovascular diseases.