Hojiblanca Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

MEDIUM / BALANCED flavour & aroma

Hojiblanca can be found in the provinces of Malaga, Cordoba, Granada and Seville. Its name refers to the white colour of its leaves. This variety is used to obtain both olive oil and table olives.It is characterized by its taste and aroma of freshly cut grass, artichoke and aromatic plants. It is sweet on the palate, with a slight bitterness and a peppery finish in the mouth.

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Hojiblanca is an extra virgin olive oil with an intense herbaceous golden colour, with aromas of ripe fruits, tomato and hints of avocado. It has a wide range of flavours, with a predominating sweetness along with a slight touch of bitterness and a moderate spiciness.
Harvest: First 15 days of November
Production: Cold extraction in two phases using only early harvested olives, 60-70% are still green.
Varieties: Hojiblanca 100%
Source: Spain

Panel test/organoleptic analysis
Colour/appearance: Intense gold colour, clean filtered
Aroma/bouquet: Intense fruity, broad and powerful aroma with notes of half ripe tomato, apple and banana, enriched with less obvious notes of black pepper, sage, mint and basilisk.

Flavour/taste: Soft on the palate with vegetable notes of lettuce and almonds. Good balance between bitterness and spiciness. Piquant flavours are present and appear late on the throat, not a persistent aftertaste

Pairing: Salads, toasts, fresh goat cheese, meat sauces, cold Spanish soups (e.g. gazpacho, ajoblanco, salmorejo, etc.). Use at a low temperature to maintain all of its organoleptic and sensory properties. As it is a cold pressed premium olive oil, it is best appreciated under these conditions. This variety shows a medium stability which together with the early harvest gives this oil a longer life than usual. Its polyphenol content ranges between 450-700 mg/kg depending on the batch.