Picual Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

INTENSE / ROBUST flavour & aroma

Single varietal Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) contains high levels of polyphenols (organic compounds which are known to have antioxidant effects) as well as other natural antioxidants and monounsaturated oleic acid, which helps prevent cardiovascular and liver diseases.This EVOO is prized for its high stability (resistance to oxidation) which gives it great resistance to high temperatures, ideal for all forms of cooking and preserving raw or cooked foods.

We have received more than 60 international awards.


Picual is the number one variety in Spain and the world. There are currently approximately 900,000 hectares of production area in Spain, mainly in Jaén, Córdoba and Granada although its growth has spread to other production areas such as Castilla-La Mancha. Its name refers to the fruit’s pointed tip shape.

Its oil is prized for its high stability (resistance to oxidation) which gives it great resistance to high temperatures. It is ideal for preserving raw or cooked foods.

With regard to its sensory characteristics, Picual olive oil has a great personality, a full body and with a fruity green olive score. A light peppery and bitter olive leaf taste can be appreciated on the palate.

Harvest: From mid October to early November
Production: Cold extraction in two phases using only early harvested olives, 65-75% are still green.
Varieties Picual 100%
Source: Spain
Organoleptic and sensory analysis
Colour/appearance: Intense green colour, clean filtered.
Aroma/bouquet: Medium intensity, with a scent of freshly cut grass combined with hints of olive leaf and fig plant. Persistent and balanced, the greens stand out over the fruits.
Flavour/taste: Astringent on the palate with great character and personality, medium-high bitterness depending on the harvest, with a piquant taste but less intense. The aftertaste is of fresh lettuce and chlorophyll with a hint of bitterness.
Pairing: It is well suited for salads, tomato bread (pa amb tomàquet), stews and sauces, gazpacho and salmorejo. It can also be used with fried foods (frituras) to which it gives an exceptionally pleasant and silky flavour. It is an oil of very high organoleptic value. Despite being of very high quality it can be used for cooking and frying because of its high content of oleic acid (77-80% of the total) and in polyphenols and antioxidants (550 -900 mg / kg). Given its excellent stability, it can be stored between 20-24 months in good conditions.