The Best Cheesecake in Madrid is Made with Goat Cheese and La Abeja Dorada Honey

The chef Pedro Moreno, from the restaurant that Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafa Nadal and Pau Gasol have in Madrid, wins the contest for the best cheesecake, organized by the Association of Cooks and Pastry Chefs of Madrid (ACYRE).

The best cheesecake in Madrid by Pedro Moreno from TATEL Madrid.

Cheesecake is perhaps the most popular sweet on the dessert menu of almost all restaurants in the  Madrid region – and very fashionable – begging the question: who makes the best cheesecake?  

We now have an answer: the cheesecake at the TATEL restaurant in Madrid. It that has won the contest for the Best Cheesecake in the Madrid Region in 2022 organized by the Association of Cooks and Pastry Chefs of Madrid (ACYRE). The contest was held on Tuesday July 26, 2022 at the Center for Gastronomic Innovation of the Madrid region. The autonomous region of Madrid has a population of almost seven million and has the largest GDP of any region in Spain.

Pedro Moreno has prepared an unforgettable cheesecake that will be served from today in the restaurant. The cheesecake includes two cheeses from Vega de San Martin with M de Madrid Quality certification: goat cheese roll and a goat cheese chocolate. What is the secret of the winning recipe? Baking at a low 170ºC for no more than half an hour. The base is a crunchy sablé and it is accompanied with La Abeja Dorada honeycomb, Madrid Miel, adding the finishing touch of a honeycomb-shaped cat’s tongue.

Tatel Restaurant, Nanako Rawe Honey
The faces behind the Tatel restaurants.

The TATEL restaurants have been open since 2014 in several locations: Madrid, Ibiza and Beverly Hills. It is a unique experience of Spanish haute cuisine. New restaurants are set to open in Riyadh and Bahrain this year. It is included in the list of the 25 restaurants in the world worth traveling to according to a survey carried out by the prestigious gourmet portals Kayak and Open Table

The names behind these glamorous new Spanish-accented restaurants include soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, L.A. Lakers champion Pau Gasol and the tennis great Rafael Nadal along with partners Manuel Campos Guallar and Abel Matutes Prats.

The second best cake is the work of the Círculo Mercantil Gran Vía Casino, represented by Miguel Ángel Mateos who also used La Abeja Dorada honeycomb, Madrid Miel, and the third best is from the Luna & Wanda pastry shop specializing in cheesecakes with the chef Sergio Arjona.

2nd prize cheesecake by Miguel Angel Mateos from Círculo Mercantil Casino Gran Vía. ACYRE 

14 participants have reached this final. They all had to use at least one cheese with the M de Madrid Quality certification, the certification that guarantees the origin and quality of Madrid Foods, and another product of their choice (dairy products, eggs, honey) also with the M de Madrid Quality certification.

3rd prize cheesecake by Sergio Arjona from Luna & Wanda. ACYRE
The three winning chefs (left to right): Miguel Angel Mateos 2nd, Pedro Moreno 1st and Sergio Arjona 3rd.

Among the other contestants, we can find chefs and pastry chefs such as Carlos Pérez from Latxaska Etxea, Jose Manuel Villar ofPristino, Luis Borda from Makkila Group, Claudia Bermejo from Hotel Dulce y Salado, Luis Herrero from Mesón de la Virreyna, Pablo Maldonado from Chulla Ville, José Luis Martínez of Tavern & Media, Vladimir Díaz from La Coqueta Restaurant, Rubén Rodríguez from Casa Isabella, Philip Parajan from Le Qualité Tasca and Paula Beer from Nude Cake.


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